1. to mountains

Trekking footwear - long service life and user comfort
It is resistant hiking footwear. Ideal boots for longer hikes in more challenging environments with a predominantly mixed surface. The feature is a solid ankle and more scuff-resistant materials. The boots are designed to handle a few hours of climbing and then a few hours' descent.

2. for country side

Hiking footwear – shorter tours in light terrain
thanks to a profiled outsole and a sturdy upper sole, the footwear is designed for shorter tours in light terrain and a mainly softer clay surface. Hiking boots can be used on most of the marked as well as non-market tourist paths.

3. for the city

Walking footwear - comfortable upper and quality outsole
For casual wear and outdoor walks, day trips, travelling to landmarks and towns or other places by various means of transport or rambling in the countryside with four-legged pets.



Walking and running are the most natural movements for humans. For a safe and healthy movement, however, legs should be well-booted. To make your step safe in any outdoor activities, Alpine Pro has developed a unique FUSION GRIP technology. This technology is used in footwear with different types of uppers, including waterproof, so everyone can choose the right product according to their physical activities in the city or in the countryside.