PTX membrane

Functional outfits with PTX membrane are appreciated by all who want to be sure they stay dry even in heavy rain. Products with this membrane have taped seams to guarantee waterproofness despite the high permeability of the material.

Use: skiing, ski mountaineering, winter sports, hiking, alpine tourism, cycling, running, inline skating, nordic walking, xc and other outdoor activities

DWR: Durable Water Repellency

Long-lasting impregnation, with which the top of the third layer is treated, protects the material from soaking and causes the creation of water droplets which then flow down the surface. The material is not heavy and still protects the bottom layers.

Use: year-round material with lining is used for spring jackets, and the material filled with hollow fibres is used for autumn, winter and ski jackets.


Is the hybrid between the second and the third layer – it warms up and protects at the same time. Insulation and protective layer
When we combine these two properties together, SOFTSHELL is an ideal material for unpredictable weather. It finds its use especially in everyday wear.

The material much more resistant to changing weather is the softshell wind barrier. In addition, this material is equipped with a membrane layer that protects against wind.

Usage: year-round material with good thermal insulation. Softshell will be appreciated at higher temperature fluctuations. Higher grammage variants are used in cooler weather, lower grammage variants - in summer.


Filling for jackets shaped as “Z” waves. Thanks to this shape, it takes more space than straight fibres, so a small amount of filling is enough. Jackets are therefore extremely lightweight and their features are similar to feather jackets, but at a lower cost.

Use: autumn, winter, spring, outdoor activities and everyday wear especially in places with a very cold climate and the necessity to keep the body warm and warm up.



3rd LAYER = PROTECTIVE – protects against wind, rain and minor mechanical damage. At the same time it must be breathable and must ensure that excess sweat is removed to the clothing surface