The thinnest functional sweatshirt, which features excellent thermal insulation and low grammage. Sweatshirts can be found in many colour variants and in all collections - both women and men, as well as children.

Usage: year-round material for everyday travel to work, school and all outdoor activities. It is very popular for its availability.


It is a very flexible material that does not limit movement and keeps the body warm during sports. It also quickly removes moisture from the body.

Usage: year-round material suitable for sports where a greater range of movement and good thermal insulation of the sweatshirt are required (often in combination with Supratherm).


It has the highest grammage of fleece, a material with a high thermal insulation effect. From the underside, the fibres are brushed, creating a lot of small air pockets. In these pockets, the air is very quickly heated by body heat, and keeps warming longer.

Usage: autumn, winter, spring - very warm sweatshirt, sometimes can be used as a jacket.



2nd layer = INSULATING – it is a layer of clothing that works as a temperature bumper - it does not let cold in and heat out