Bamboo underwear is very popular for its flexibility, antibacterial treatment and perfect insulating properties. A seamless cut also provides enhanced comfort. The material is also environmentally friendly because it is made from bamboo, which is a renewable natural raw material.

Usage: year-round material especially in cooler climates. Ideal for skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, cycling, running, inline skating, outdoor, alpine tourism.


Particularly useful in summer. The functional material dries very quickly; its structure partially cools down the body by not maintaining any produced body heat. It is not quite suitable for layering.

Usage: as first and at the same time the last layer! Functional t-shirts of Cool-Dry material can be used for running and other active outdoor and indoor sports. The material will be most appreciated by those who are sweating a lot not only during sports activities. If Cool-Dry fibre is mixed with cotton, we get a very comfortable material that can be used for everyday wear.


It is a functional material that maintains thermal comfort by heating and cooling as needed. Thanks to this functional technology, we almost do not know we are wearing a t-shirt made of synthetic fibres. This is achieved by two used fibers - Thermolite thermally insulates and Coolmax ensures fast moisture removal from the body. This material excels among others for its long life.

Usage: year-round material with an extremely long lifespan. Usable for skiing, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, cycling, x trail running, running, nordic walking, inline skating, hiking, alpine tourism and other outdoor activities.


The underwear made of this material is perfectly tailored to the anatomy of the human body. Specially modified zones provide sufficient support and high functionality in places where we sweat more significantly. The zones also provide some muscle support in winter sports and, as a result, the muscles do not get tired so quickly as with normal underwear.

Usage: mainly in winter sports and in cooler weather throughout the year.


Underwear is made of MERINO sheep wool, which has excellent vapour permeability, antibacterial properties and unique thermoregulation capabilities.

Usage: mainly in winter sports and in cooler weather throughout the year.



1st layer = COMFORTABLE – this is the layer of clothing we have on the body