The new Spring Summer collection of ALPINE PRO right in shops
The new Spring Summer collection of ALPINE PRO right in shops

The ALPINE PRO SPRING/SUMMER 2018 collection's motto is: "Whatever you do, we are always with you." We have included new product types and focused on developing new accessories and details to unify the individual product lines.

The colour tuning corresponds to the purpose of use of the individual subcollections. In the outdoor line, the earthy tones are supplemented with fresh colours, in the urban authentic collection, the styles are matched tone in tone and in the sport performance line we have used bright vibrant colours combined with new dark shades.

The OUTDOOR collection is designed for an active person and the greatest requirement is the functionality of the garment. The emphasis is on the cut and material design. The inclusion of new quiet and earthy colour tones is connected with the traditional colourfulness of the brand.

CELEST – CELESTA | jackets with a central pocket in pronounced shades of orange 324, blue 622 and green 563

CHIZOB – CHIZOBA | functional trousers

In the PERFORMANCE collection, we rely on safety. The reflection is its inspiration. We use pronounced colours combined with a variety of reflective elements. We have created a new line of reflective labels completed with reflective thread stitching and point prints that links the entire collection. We are expanding our PERFORMANCE collection of clothing not only for movement in nature. We included products usable for other activities, simple items that were missing in our assortment, and also new yoga wear.

CHENGA – CHENG | jacket with detachable sleeves (easily adjustable on waistcoat) with soft knitted fabric in the shoulder and hip areas.

The AUTHENTIC collection is inspired by the VINTAGE style. The ladies' part of the collection includes floral patterns - especially roses - in combination with dots pervading the whole collection. In the men's part of the collection, we used, for example, a camouflage tone on tone print.

The whole collection is designed so as to allow the easy combination of garments

ELVANA – ELVAN | sweatshirts

CHINA – CHIN – ADEBO | trousers